Thursday, October 7, 2010

Why Hello!

Well hello, Blogger World.

I'm just going to act like this is the first time I've met all of you, although starting out-- most of you will probably just be friends of mine.

I feel like I am stepping into this world a bit late and out of the loop. I am not a blog reader. Nor do I blog much. However, it has occurred to me that I definitely have some strong opinions about a lot of things that I feel are common themes in this universe of post-college life that so many of us find ourselves in.

Maybe I should start reading other people's blogs....

Anyway. I am not particularly special. I am a recent graduate from the SF Conservatory of Music, earning my BM in Composition. Yes, this sounds extra special to many (mostly to people who are NOT in the music world), but mainly I just went to college for something I have been doing my whole life. I survived and now I must find out what I am going to do with this $100,000 degree.

That's where the retail in my name comes from. I am (newly!!) a shift manager at a Sur La Table. If you do not know what that is, you've probably heard of William Sonoma who is our arch-rival (booo!! hisss!!!!). I have been working this job for three years this month. I mainly wanted a job that would earn me a little bit of extra spending cash (and a little bit less in personal loans), and it turns out that I actually like my job!!

As luck would have it, 5 months after graduation, I have been hired (or I think.. hopefully... officially hired) as a Compositional Assistant to Magik*Magik Orchestra. MMO (for those few who don't know-- who ARE those people?) is an orchestra for hire started about three years ago by the amazingly talented Minna Choi. To name drop so you know how cool we are, we've worked with Johnny Greenwood, Sting, Narada Walden, Death Cab for Cutie, The Dodos, and Mike Patton, amoung others. My job mainly involves production management (telling my friends where to go) and doing the grunt work of the compositional arranging and orchestrating. So far, it's only been a month but I have really enjoyed the work. I'm learning a lot.

So, there are my two main sources that occupy the time between waking and sleeping. I also live with my boyfriend, in sin and happy about it. I'm trying to get back in shape by running-- I hate running. And I read like no buddy's business. Any suggestions for fiction and sci-fi are sooooooooooo welcome.

My main reasons I wanted to start a blog is because I feel like a musician with a part time job NOT in their college field, is so so so common. We face the same problems and can all connect over the hilariousness that comes from being in these two completely different worlds.

Basically, I want to rant and rave about the horribleness that is customer service, and what the music world means to me. I find myself hilarious and outspoken. You may or may not agree. Whatever. I think I'm

I'll try to be as honest and as open as I can-- my bosses may actually read this thing......

But encourage me that you care, and subscribe!



  1. Britney! this is Madeline. I have a blog too! but mine is really awful hahah. Yours sounds really interesting so far!

  2. I look forward to reading your blog. I have been working in customer service for a few years myself, and surprise! I hate it. I'm glad you like your job- that at least makes it more tolerable as you pursue what you really love in your free time. :)