Friday, October 8, 2010


I told myself that I wasn't going to update this blog all the flippin time, but here I am. Day 2.

As I was at work today, I had double checked that my neon green sticky notes and good pen were secure in my 3 year-old apron (I've been getting some crap from my coworkers. So what if it has holes and may be a little stained? This baby has been with me since the beginning!!!). I avidly awaited a super annoying customer to come up to me just so I could write it down, then blog about it later. *Sigh* I know.

In truth, I've been telling many of my friends that someday, SOMEDAY, I will create a book based on retail customer etiquette. Because sometimes... people are just flippin' retarded.

All I got today was a woman, looking at the japanese rice bowls, asking me if we had other bowls without "ridges" on them. Now, I define ridges as grooves.. say... on a knife. These bowls were quite smooth all around. I asked her what she means and she just points at the bowl. You know. Without ridges.

Me: Um.

Without the little stand connecting on the bottom?

Lady: Yeah. Ridges.

Me: Are you looking for other japanese bowls? Without the stand?

Lady: No. Just bowls.

Me: Oh. Well.. We have many bowls in the entire store... not just in the one little corner... (We ARE a kitchen store?).

Lady: I'll have a look around then.

This little exchange baffled me. Maybe I'm the only one.

Sadly, the one day I was ready for the crazies.. had to be a normal day. But, man. If a customer DID come in.. I was ready!!!! Just so I could tell YOU guys!! All three of you!!

Some of my other pet peeves in customer service are:
*Being told what we do and do not have in the store. I think after three years, I'm pretty sure of what we carry, and no I have never seen a spatula with two hands that will grab onto a cheese sandwich so you can flip it over.
*Asking me if I work here. Did the apron and name tag not give me away?
*Whist manning the knife display (please keep in mind it's a KNIFE display. With knives. Everywhere! Behind me. In the glass display infront of me. ON the counter in front of me. Maybe someone is trying to cut carrots and I'm trying to help them and you just barge up with your napkins.) NO I AM NOT A CASH REGISTER!! 
*Asking me if I'm a cash register. I'm pretty sure I'm a human.
*Yelling at me because there is a policy that I can not change JUST for you. Yes, you may speak to the manager. And when I go and get the manager, they proceed to ask ME what the policy is. After working there for this long, there are only 3 other people in the store that have worked there longer than I have.
*In return transactions, it is awesome if you have the receipt. We love it when you hold onto your slip of paper. However, I can not give you all $500 back in cash to you from my til. 1. There isn't that much money IN my til. 2. The return policy is on the back of your receipt. I'm sorry if no one explicitly TOLD you the entire return policy, but I find that if you have any questions, regardless of what store it is, you can usually find it on the back of the receipt.

There are more. But I think I'll wait, with my sticky notes, for when they happen. Just so you and I can revell in the stupidity together.


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  1. Good Lord. You make me so glad I'm no longer in retail! Ugh, I hated it for all those same reasons (and different ones, because I was in a clothing store. Fitting rooms, anyone?)