Sunday, December 5, 2010


So the outdoor performances went well! The first day we got rained on and had to stop mid show. Then it was a mad dash to put everything away before they got soaked. Day two was a success all around, as far as I know. I had to leave during the second show to go to my REAL job.

That's not totally true. Magik IS a real job. Its just that nothing I've really done with them feels like working. I've put in a couple all nighters and all... but they were spent in places like.. an all night dinner. Minna and I on our computers, sitting across from each other, whilst consuming curly fries and milkshakes. Maybe 4am wasn't the best time to be eating such fattening food, but when we ordered it, IT SOUNDED SO GOOD!!!!

I'm grateful for my job opportunites with Magik. I'm getting paid to be involved with musicians or to sit on my computer and write music. Unfortunently, Magik gigs are not consistent.

A college degree doesn't really mean much anymore, I feel. It's experience that gets you jobs. Or maybe I just haven't looked for a job since graduating. But I hardly feel that an extremely specified degree in music will help me get a job that I can pay the rent with. Yes, having a music degree is what got me the job with Magik, but at the same time, they hired me because I interned with them. They know I have the experience to do what they need me to do and they've seen me in action.

That must be the same for everyone that's gotten a specific degree. Like nursing, or biochemestry.

I guess it's the fact that you stuck it out that matters. If I applied at Sur La Table for a manager job, I don't think a classical music degree is going to help me more than someone who hasn't gone to college but has already had some experience. Sur La Table doesn't know that I only took about... 3 classes that weren't related to music. And even if they weren't... the teachers TRIED to make it music related SOMEhow just to keep our interest.

Luckily for me, putting my time in got me promoted and now I have a degree AND manager experience...


This is not where I was going initially with my blog....

This was:
Videos from the first performance in Union Square in San Francisco. : )


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